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HISTORY... 1988-2014

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Strategic planning: The International Executive, along with other TCF members, held a number of sessions on strategic planning in Toronto to assess our objectives and plan for the future . A forum was also held at the Naktala Clinic base Kolkata with six directors of TCF joining with TCA board members and staff to discuss short and long term goals. We emphasized the effective use of available and anticipated funds. The three main areas of TCF focus were affirmed: education, health and vocational training for underprivileged women. Decision to allocate funds equitably in the three areas was adopted.

Mr Ted Culp, a founding member of the organization and its president from inception has stepped down. TCF thanks him for his enduring service and welcomes the new president, a long time board member, Arun Palit.

Uttaran, the sewing school in Boral, made an agreement with Usha International Sewing School for a 6 month diploma course. An exhibition of the student's garments was held at a mela in February. TCA successfully held 13 eye camps and health awareness camps in the year The generosity of a donor enabled us to set up a music and art section at Brahmapur Children's Academy. Here also we formed a partnership for improving the school for poor children and have enabled 200 students to join. A field clinic is now held in this village. Chak Jagaddal pre-school students were transferred to Ramakrishna Mission School when the number of students dropped. Tally ERP, an accounting system, installed at Naktala base for better accounting and financial reporting. A talent show mounted in Toronto in August for fund raising. On November 25th a gala fundraising dinner was held in Toronto. TCF was able to raise much-needed funds from both the August talent show and the gala dinner in 2011.


A new weekly health camp was initiated in Bokultala village, in the sports club. Three health awareness talks by Dr Basanti Majumder were given in December in Ghutiarisharif, Chak Jagaddal and Raghapur. Several eye camps held, including at Ghatakpukur and Ghutiarisharif. ICare Ophthalmic Foundation in Toronto supported eye camps in the Sundarbans and at Raghabpur. Drs Fatima Uddin & Yoella Teplitsky, volunteer doctors from University Health Network, University of Toronto visited Kolkata and contributed to the health and eye camps. . Improvements at Ghutiarisharif school with books and equipment. Magic shows and picnics held for the pre-schoolers. Two field clinics are now running in Boral.


Uttaran trainees tailored to fit school uniforms and sweaters for about one hundred and fifty students. Among the students at Uttaran 20 were selected from disadvantaged families, preference given to widows and needy married women. A new field clinic established at Boral. There are now five field clinics. Eye camps held in Ghutiari Sharif and Ushagram. In collaboration with a local organization a talk on health and HIV/AIDS was held. Serum Thalassemia Prevention Federation joined with TCF in organizing a number of thalassemia awareness camps, with testing for the disease, including Raghabpur and Ghutiari Sharif villages. With the help of the parents-teachers committees improved tiffin was provided at the pre-schools. Gala fundraising event mounted in Toronto.


"Uttaran" ("Uplifting"), a tailoring training centre for needy women, opened at Boral. Further distribution of school bags and sweaters to students at the pre-schools. Eye camps held co-operatively with Rotary Club of Calcutta and by TCA at Bade Hooghly, Madhyamgram, Langalberia. Presentation at eye camp by Serum Thalasemia Foundation. Celebration of 20th anniversary of the foundation of Toronto Calcutta Association at Uttaran, Boral. Co-operative visit of three doctors from University of Toronto Health Network to TCA. Publication of an article written by Balarko Gupta in The Statesman. Improvements at the pre-schools, especially electricity, ceiling fans and flooring at Gutiari Sharif. Presentation at the North American Bengali Conference. Fund raising event at the Tagore Centre, Toronto. TCF members from Toronto visited Kolkata and liaised with TCA staff on the projects, including Arun and Gopa Chakravarty, Balarko and Vidya Gupta, Tapan and Panna Mazumdar.


School uniforms distributed at the village pre-schools. Annual sports day at Chakjagaddal village. New board recruited for Toronto-Calcutta Association (TCA) in Calcutta. Fundraiser in Toronto, October, with Pramita Mullick and Siddharta Bhattacharjee.


Presented, together with Results Canada, an evening of awareness-raising and relationship-building coinciding with the World AIDS 2006 Conference in Toronto. Awareness event for HIV/AIDS on World AIDS Day by TCA at Naktala. Renovations at Dr R. N. Bhaduri Memorial Health Clinic, Naktala. Three IE members visited Calcutta for periods of time, one being there for six months and assessed of the work at the Naktala office and clinic and in the villages. A number of administrative and financial changes made. An article in The Statesman (Oct. 30) highlights TCA. A generous gift from a retired Toronto professor assists ongoing projects in Calcutta.


Death of Calcutta president and benefactor Srimati Bhaduri: Memorial event renews her mission as represented by TCF. New field clinic initiated at Bariupur near a red light district, about five miles from Naktala. Breast-feeding advice clinic held at Naktala, July. Six TCF members visited Calcutta and worked with TCA staff. International visitors to TCA: Ann Kitchingman, Dr. Stephen Bernstein, and Janine Gates visited the Naktala clinic, village clinics, and village schools. They donated in cash and in kind. Dr. Nupur Hackwood, an Australian dentist, visited Naktala clinic.


Expansion of the Dr R. N. Bhaduri Memorial Health Clinic. Workshop in February on HIV/STDs at Boral with Dr David Hawkins and his wife. (Dr Hawkins is consultant physician for St Stephen's Clinic, London, U.K. He is a member of the Expert Advisory Group on AIDS for the Department of Health of the U. K.) Arun Chakravartty spoke at Rotary Club of Calcutta on TCF work. Participation in World AIDS' Day Naktala.


Visit of IE member Arun Chakravartty and his wife Gopa Chakravartty to Calcutta. Field medical services extended to Bade Hooghly and Boral villages. Contact with sex workers at Boral initiated; peer educators who worked at Garia engaged. Meeting with sex workers and peer counsellors at Garia. Homeopathy field clinic initiated under guidance of Gopa Chakravartty, at Boral.


Adolescent education class for school dropouts set up in Raghubpur village, after consultation with the community. Visit of volunteers Tina Banerjee and Dolon Chakravartty to TCA.


The organization's name in Canada changed to Toronto-Calcutta Foundation. (The registered name in Calcutta remains Toronto-Calcutta Association - TCA). Administrative changes in the Calcutta chapter introduced a new project director and vice-president. Srimati M. Bhaduri remains president of the chapter. Persona review of Calcutta office and work instituted with at least one member of the International Executive (IE) visiting - this year, Dipak Adhikari. Further assistance to sex workers in the Canning area begun. Pre-schools established in the villages of Gutiarisharif and Chakjaggadal, with a daily snack, orientation for basic skills, sports and play. Annual sports days involve the community. Field medical clinics held weekly and occasional mothers' meetings on basic health and education.


Dr. R. N. Bhaduri Laboratory expanded at the health centre in Naktala.


The Canadian International Development Agency approved a joint project of TCA and Gems of Hope (a Toronto-based international charity) geared to health education, micro enterprise and skill training. In the next three years, the collaborative project (under the CIDA grant) "Micro enterprise and community health" worked with sex workers in Calcutta. It included initiatives to involve men in sex education, with schooling provided to the children of sex workers, and micro enterprise training (tailoring). Adult education centres running in Entally, Boral, Garia and Raghunathpur.


Participated in World AIDS Day, in December 1995 by organizing a workshop on HIV/AIDS and STDs awareness/prevention, gathering over 400 delegates and community members working with HIV/AIDS. Suncor Canada began annual support of TCF through Employees' Charitable Trust. Other corporations have also contributed, such as Hydro One, Pfizer Canada, and OPG.


Appointment of a project manager and consolidation of our emphasis on health promotion. In the following two years, services such as family planning, immunization, nutrition, treatment of common problems (diarrhea, malnutrition, malaria), and school health check-ups were added. In addition, TCA had initiatives in community development, with literacy classes and income generating skill training. Our first HIV/AIDS prevention program in a red-light area of Calcutta was launched in 1994.


Dr R. N. Bhaduri Laboratory established to handle tests for the health centre at Naktala.


We began to help fringe villages that lacked any health services, with basic health, eye clinics and, for a time, an ambulance service.


The Toronto-Calcutta Association founded by Ted W. Culp, Uttam Chakrabarti, and several other Canadians, engaged with the city of Calcutta and seeking to contribute to its betterment. When Srimati Sovana Bhaduri contributed space for a medical clinic, the TCA was able to begin offering services at the Dr R. N. Bhaduri Memorial Health Centre, in Naktala, South Calcutta.

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